L E L O |

makeup & hair artist

Lelo has always had an addiction to the world of make-up, which makes it easy to understand why she has a love for this industry. Her motto ” your face, my canvas”, means just that. She is an artist that thrives on enhancing the beauty in others. After working as a freelance artist in the industry for the last 10 years, she grew to love styling hair and is now well known for her intricate updos and romantic hairstyles. Lelo’s talent is demonstrated by her keen eye for detail. Whether it’s making a bride feel extra beautiful on her special day or last minute additions on a photo shoot set, she is extremely meticulous with every stroke of her brush.

 She is also what you call the quintessential 'Super Mom' to three rambunctious boys who always keep her on her toes.


 | D O N N A  M A R I E 

makeup & hair artist

Being blessed as an artist at birth, applying makeup and creating hairstyles came naturally to Donna Marie.  Surrounded by a family of talent, she embraced her gift by training with season pro artist’s in Toronto and at some of the top makeup artistry and hairstyling workshops in Toronto.  She’s fresh, trendy, and fashion savvy, and these qualities are represented in spades through her work.

While Donna specializes in Bridal Makeup Artistry and Hairstyling, her work can be seen in all genres.  Since being a part of some of Toronto's top makeup/hair teams and most recently The Shopping Channel, she has had the opportunity to expand her already advanced skill sets to an even higher scale.  Donna’s constant attention to detail and meticulous work has been a strength that has proven to give her the advantage that she’s acquired over the last 7 years.